Feb 29 2008

Ten Bricks

This black belt takes his time preparing to break ten bricks, but the payoff is worth it.

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Feb 29 2008

Shrine to bragging, deadly Internet “mall ninja”

The Shrine of the Mall Ninja collects the posts of “Gecko45,” a poster to a gun-enthusiast message-board, who claimed to be a mall security guard trained in ninjitsu who had been given special dispensation to use machineguns after the saved the mayor’s newphew from being sodomized near the Gap store, bravely stepping in where the local SWAT team feared to tread. The guy’s claims are amazing, milk-nose-sortingly great, and halfway through he creates a sock-puppet who heralds the brave mall-cops of America, who fight the fights that the FBI are too chicken to intervene in.

I am the Sergeant of a three-man Rapid Tactical Force at one of America’s largest indoor retail shopping areas…If you want to laugh at somebody, try laughing at the sheep out there who go to the mall unarmed trusting in me to stand guiard over their lives like a God…

I tell you that we are undervalued for our beneficial effect on society at large, for the urban and suburban shopping centers see %80 of the armed violence in this nation, and why don’t the cops take care of it, because they are a bunch of wusses, and they are not man enough to put up with the danger and stress. You all who are makeing fun of me have never been threatened by jailed drug dealers, serial killers, and shoplifters, or fired at by high powered rifles so excuse me if I decide to have good weapons to protect and defend myself without all of you makeing fun of my choice, and they way I do my job!

My “Black-Ops” history ensures that you will never know about the missions I accepted in my younger days, and Vietnam still shudders when it hears the name of a an assasin so skillful and deadly, he is remembered decades later.


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Feb 29 2008

Gamer sends MS his faulty Xbox360 decorated with custom art and Bungie signatures. Asks them to take good care of it. Guess how it comes back?


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Feb 29 2008

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Feb 28 2008

Google Shows Off GMaps Street View on Android

The BBC's Darren Waters had a sit down with Andy Rubin (formerly of Apple, General Magic, WebTV, and Danger) who's the main man on Android, Google's mobile OS. Rubin showed the current state of the Android platform and it's looking swell—for the most part. (What's up with having to use a slider to zoom in the web browser? Can't you just rip off the double-tap intelligent zoom from Mobile Safari?)

Perhaps most impressive is the Street View mode of Google Maps, pulled down to the 3G prototype reference phone running at a relatively mild 300MHz. That reference design, which may or may not reflect hardware that will run Android in the future, had another interesting feature: a trackball, currently seen on Danger Hiptops and Blackberries.

Under the bonnet of Android [BBC]

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Feb 28 2008

Eyeball Tattoos

Looking for new ways to impress girls? The good-old-fashioned tattoo on the arm just doesn’t do it anymore? Well, you should try the new hottest thing: tattoo your eyeballs! They absolutely love it. I’m just kidding. Who wants to see a guy with tattoed eyeballs…?

But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done. It is the case of Pauly Unstoppable, Josh, and Shannon Larratt, who offered to be volunteers and get their eyeballs tattoed as an experiment. The procedure involves injecting the eye with ink.

Read more about it on Modblog.bmezine.com: part 1, part 2 and part 3

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More tattoo stuff

Feb 28 2008

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Feb 27 2008

Derivatives shell-game leaves mortgages “orphaned” — stop paying your mortgage, keep your house

Worried about your mortgage? How about just not paying it? Some banks were so enthusiastic in playing subprime derivatives shell-games that they’ve literally lost the notes on the mortgages they “own,” and can’t prove that deadbeat homeowners owe them any money. An estimated $2.1 trillion worth of these mortgages are “orphaned” with no apparent owner.

Joe Lents hasn’t made a payment on his $1.5 million mortgage since 2002.

That’s when Washington Mutual Inc. first tried to foreclose on his home in Boca Raton. The Seattle-based lender failed to prove that it owned Lents’ mortgage note and dropped attempts to take his house. Subsequent efforts to foreclose have stalled because no one has produced the paperwork.

“If you’re going to take my house away from me, you better own the note,” said Lents, 63, the former chief executive officer of a now-defunct voice recognition software company.


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Feb 27 2008

New typography term: Keming (improper kerning)

From Ironic Sans, a new typography term: “Keming” — improper kerning.


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Feb 27 2008

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Feb 26 2008

How to: Automate Guitar Hero

Everyone loves guitar hero, but what about those who just
plain suck at it. What are they supposed to do at parties,
family gatherings, and LAN Parties? Well, they could always
bring their own hacked guitar which plays every single note

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Feb 26 2008

Apple TV DRM makes iTunes rentals incompatible with many TVs

Fred sez, “Those who rent videos from iTunes to play back on their Apple TV units may discover that they can’t watch them unless their displays support HDCP — the DRM technology that infects most Hollywood digital video these days.”

When I attempted to watch the movie, however, the Apple TV displayed an error message: “This content requires HDCP for playback.” HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a form of digital rights management (DRM) that prevents you from playing video over
DVI and HDMI connections (in my case) if you don’t own compatible hardware that can decode the signal properly. (In other words, HDCP is more crap DRM that does nothing but irritate legitimate

Of course, people who use the Pirate Bay to get the same videos for free have no such problems. Hollywood only punishes paying customers. Smooth.


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Feb 26 2008

Torture playlist

Mother Jones has an audio feature up this week — a compilation of songs believed to be used in US military prisons and on bases…

to induce sleep deprivation, “prolong capture shock,” disorient detainees during interrogations—and also drown out screams.

Based on a leaked interrogation log, news reports, and the accounts of soldiers and detainees, here are some of the songs that guards and interrogators chose.

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Feb 25 2008

Smoking ban workaround in bars: Hold “theater nights”

The Star Tribune reports that dozens of bars in the Twin Cities are holding “theater nights” and declaring everyone in the bar to be an actor. By law, performers are allowed to smoke during theatrical performances. (The law in California is similar. I once saw Art Spiegelman give his presentation about the history of comic books and he chained-smoked his way through it.)

Lisa Anderson, owner of Mike’s Uptown bar in Hill City, said that last Saturday she staged a “theater night” and packed in four times the usual crowd that has come in since the smoking ban took effect.

Anderson said she has been helping other bar owners who want to put on their own tobacco productions.

“I’m going to continue to do this,” she said. “It increased my business.”

So will Brian Bauman, owner of The Rock nightclub in Maplewood, which staged a theater night Tuesday and nearly doubled the usual crowd.

At least 10 other bar owners wandered through his bar that night, taking stock of the event’s success.

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Feb 25 2008

#8891 – Desiree Palmen, a 44-year-old Dutch artist…

Desiree Palmen, a 44-year-old Dutch artist creates crazy clothing to hide in plain sight with…. wow.

(Want more? See NOTCOT.org and NOTCOT.com)

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Feb 25 2008

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Feb 22 2008

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Feb 21 2008

An extensive collection of cheat sheets for programming languages and…

An extensive collection of cheat sheets for programming languages and applications. There are 10 PHP cheat sheets alone and more for related things like Drupal and CakePHP.


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Feb 21 2008

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Feb 20 2008

Phun: a simulated physics playground

Matthew says:

Swedish graduate student Emil Ernerfeldt created the program Phun, a 2D physics playground, and has made it free to download for non-commercial use.

He demonstrates it in a zenful YouTube video, where he creates devices like cars and piston engines in seconds using simple shapes.

Download app here.

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